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Cute venus 【Delivery Health】

Name Cute venus
(Cute venus)
Address Tokyo
Telephone number 0120-343-770
Please tell me when you call "yeriben.com". Guide will be smooth.
Open hour 18:00~05:00
Cute venus
Japanese English Chinese
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Turn around and "there" when they pass each other in the city, cute and carefully selected beautiful amateur woman !!
High-quality girl only guidance to customers at a low price.
"Do not betray the man's feelings" shop-making to strive strive day and night.
Is released from the daily busyness, it provides a healing time bring some relief from.
"It was good call ..." "level high ne ..." and said enjoy as staff, I look forward to everyone you call ☆Our girls are Japanese only!☆ WeChat ID:cutev770

Price list
50min14,000 Yen
70min18,000 Yen
90min25,000 Yen
120min35,000 Yen
180min52,000 Yen

Prohibited matter

This is an important commitment to play , and full compliance is required.
★ Do not require or negotiate for intercourse (sex).It is prohibited by law.
★ Any drug users are not allowed to use our service. It includes illegal drug and
  law-evading drug.
★ A gang-related person or a suspected person cannot use.
★ Filming, secret filming and eavesdropping using
  electronic device with a camera is prohibited.
★ STD or other infectious deceases affected or suspected
  person cannot use.
★ If you refuse Body and mouth wash, cannot start.
★ Exchange of personal contact information with our escort girl is prohibited.
★ Verbal abuse, juvenile violence, and over-aggressive acts that frighten or hurt  
  escort girls are prohibited.
★ Our service is for men over 18 years old.

How to use

In order to smooth available, please follow these steps.
★ Call us directly to the shop
★ Use time, course time, confirmation of fee
★ Use place (your hotel, your location), please tell us

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Attention: The woman who is publishing can surely not necessarily serve it.