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Angel 【Massage ※There is no sexual service】

Name Angel
Address Room 402, 2-13-1 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number 03-3441-7058
Please tell me when you call "yeriben.com". Guide will be smooth.
Open hour 13:00~LAST
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It is a salon in a hideaway space that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.
Please be free from stress in your own premium space that is not bound by anyone.
With the aroma and soothing music, we will provide a treatment that suits your lonely and tired body.
You will definitely want to come again! Experience a memorable treatment.

Price list
60min9,000 Yen
90min12,000 Yen
120min16,000 Yen
180min23,000 Yen

Prohibited matter

This is an important commitment to play , and full compliance is required.
★ Do not require or negotiate for intercourse (sex).It is prohibited by law.
★ Any drug users are not allowed to use our service. It includes illegal drug and
  law-evading drug.
★ A gang-related person or a suspected person cannot use.
★ Filming, secret filming and eavesdropping using
  electronic device with a camera is prohibited.
★ STD or other infectious deceases affected or suspected
  person cannot use.
★ If you refuse Body and mouth wash, cannot start.
★ Exchange of personal contact information with our escort girl is prohibited.
★ Verbal abuse, juvenile violence, and over-aggressive acts that frighten or hurt  
  escort girls are prohibited.
★ Our service is for men over 18 years old.

How to use

In order to smooth available, please follow these steps.
★ Call us directly to the shop
★ Use time, course time, confirmation of fee
★ Use place (your hotel, your location), please tell us

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