Proportion Okinawa【Soapland】

Name Proportion Okinawa
(Proportion Okinawa)
Address Okinawa
Telephone number 098-943-7502
Please tell me when you call "". Guide will be smooth.
Open hour 9:00 AM~0:00 AM
Proportion Okinawa
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No. 1 in Okinawa. We are a serious soap shop with zero losses. The best of Okinawa that you can't find anywhere else is here! [The only place in Okinawa with over 4,000 reviews! No. 1 in word-of-mouth rankings! ] [No. 1 overall on Okinawa Heaven Net] [No. 1 in Okinawa Soap Rankings] [No. 1 in store type rankings] [No. 1 in major rankings]★A store specializing in beautiful big breasts!!★A serious soap shop!!

Price list

50min25,000 Yen
70min33,000 Yen
90min46,000 Yen
110min58,000 Yen
130min71,000 Yen

Prohibited matter

This is an important commitment to play , and full compliance is required.
★ Rough acts, Acts that hurt girls are prohibited.
★ You can not refuse shower&gargle.
★ You can not use your own play equipment.
★ You can not shoot girls.
★ Those under the age of 18 can not play.

How to use

In order to smooth available, please follow these steps.
★ Please call the store directly and tell me your name, visit date, course time.
★ Please Please visit us with on time.
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