Linda&Linda【Delivery Health】

Name Linda&Linda
Address Osaka■『TAX FREE』『免税店』
Telephone number 06-6363-1991
Please tell me when you call "". Guide will be smooth.
Open hour 10:00 AM~06:00 AM
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『TAX FREE』『免税店』

With the theme of "clean and feminine," you will be greeted by ideal women who are amateur yet natural.
Women who appear exactly as they appear in their photos will visit you, so you can choose based on your preferences in terms of looks and style.

Enjoy our high-quality delivery health service that will make you want to use our service again!
Many of our women have other jobs, so if you would like to request a specific woman, we ask that you confirm her attendance and make a reservation the day before.
Of course, we also accept reservations on the day, so we look forward to hearing from you by phone.

Price list

60min16,000 Yen
75min20,000 Yen
90min25,000 Yen
120min32,000 Yen
150min40,000 Yen
180min50,000 Yen
210min60,000 Yen
240min70,000 Yen
270min80,000 Yen
300min90,000 Yen

Prohibited matter

This is an important commitment to play , and full compliance is required.
★ Do not require or negotiate for intercourse (sex).It is prohibited by law.
★ Any drug users are not allowed to use our service. It includes illegal drug and
  law-evading drug.
★ A gang-related person or a suspected person cannot use.
★ Filming, secret filming and eavesdropping using
  electronic device with a camera is prohibited.
★ STD or other infectious deceases affected or suspected
  person cannot use.
★ If you refuse Body and mouth wash, cannot start.
★ Exchange of personal contact information with our escort girl is prohibited.
★ Verbal abuse, juvenile violence, and over-aggressive acts that frighten or hurt  
  escort girls are prohibited.
★ Our service is for men over 18 years old.

How to use

In order to smooth available, please follow these steps.
★ Please contact us by phone or SNS.
★ Check usage hours, store hours, and fees
★ Please let us know where you will be using the service (your hotel, etc.)
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