Tokyo secret garden【Delivery Health】

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How to use

"Delivery Health" is the Japanese English and Japenese service job, which means that girl is delivered to Hotel where costomer designates.
You can callenge even if you do not speak japanese well !!

How to use "Delivery Health":(If you do not speak Japanese at all.)
It is not difficult if you do not speak Japanese.
There are just 4 informatios over the Phone.
(1)Your name
(2)Your Hotel and room number.
(3)Start time
(4)How much time

You can use "Delivery Health" when you inform us the avobe 4 information.

You can check your using shop in the "" and tap the "Make a Call" button in the shop's business hour.
* This is the most easiest conversation.

costomer = Blue
Shop = Red

Making a call.

Thank you for your phone.

My name is Jack.
Akasaka Price hotel,
Room number 1203.
Start time is 20:00
Using time is 120 minutes.

OK! it is fine. Thank you very much.
The price is 20,000 Yen.

Please accept.

You only wait in the room on the reservation time.

*Not all hotel are permited to Call a girs.
*Do not hesitate to repeat speaking, if you do not transmitted
*We might request you to change starting time at the time of congestion.
*You can request specific girl if you can speak japanese a little.

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